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I have been a community development social worker and NGO activist from 1988 until 2007 back in Hungary. I am using the democracy development single issue movement points of view to let people understand the current affairs. During the first 7 years I wrote nearly 1000 articles about employment, democracy development, agriculture NGO situation. After this election I decided I turn my blog to English.


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Construction inside

2015.03.10. 12:28 :: Saman

As a social worker we working with individuals in an advertisement framework, sometimes we invite the people for group work and we working with communities too. If numerous people suffering with same problems or they can learn form each other even more than alone that could be a reason to find solutions together.

One style of the community development is the Social Planning. When we just help to create a forum and let the people plead. Stand for an idea, critics, question, new project or system changes. In this case we believe our clients strong enough to solve this problem. They are adults, competent people. Definitely don't need to offer them an "innocent" status. They don't need a hero type helper.

 In my blog so many times I made a comment to an article which is approaching to the advocacy. Because of 20 years experience in the Hungarian democracy development movement activity I know our mentality, our dreams about the democratic changes and finally the story of the system creating. How we fail with the participation expectation. How we loose the control in our democracy.

 Tamas Pal who made a huge research back to 1980s he said if we are gallant enough to stand up in public with a problem or question the experience is teaching us. If the organisation around us making a negative sanction if we would be punished or ignored that cases teaching us. We become a "good servant" if mostly this two option available. To be a CITIZEN, to arrive the democratic world we need positive experience. If we would stood up with an issue my organisation could be helpful? With the punishment we train each other to do not complain, but finally if we can't talk about the problems we just let our life be rotten.

 With my onion leave model lets talk about how we create mandates between different levels. How is the nation create mandate when we send someone to talk a "name of us" with IMF or Russian Federation about our modernisation. Talk about money, technological investment, learning or whatever we need. Behind this negotiation how we decide witch modernisation level we want for our future? Do we take seriously when the Lisbon Strategy talking about "knowledge based society" or there is no meaning for us. Do we want something other?


Technically behind this we have parties, government decision prep work. However its could be connected with public discussions in media, NGO sector and science.

In a grassroots we should talk with our reference group what we can fancy as a "common interest".

Even our opinion as an input could be a "group mandate" if we our talk based on a "family life strategy".

After the "individual" finally we find 4 other level of the group mandate. If I talk a name of a group, I can using a "community identity". If I have mandate I can talk a name of my group, as a ...

1. family life strategy

2. reference group, including NGO organisations

3. party commitment

4. modernisation level

 The Hungarian democracy deficit is based on a culture. The last 5 generations we over and over destroyed the people dreams. If someone create a small company, business or community mission, after 5-10-25 years the "system" our lovely government start to label them as a public enemy!

When we stood up against the king, the dreamers was cool down with a lost war. After 1867 finally lots of us disappointed and went to somewhere else. In 1906, in 1919, 1930, 1945, 1956. We doing that, system by system start labelling the ambitious citizens. If they not Hungarian enough, or if they simple just try to do something, own something, funding community missons. We have drótos tót, bolgár kertész, tirpák, kulák, zsidó, maszek, tulaj, etc. Lots of negative connotation to press to feel the people shame if they owners or community activists.

Regime by regime the new movements tried to kill the former regime man including the independent stakeholders. Even in this ages to be an NGO activist or company owner started to be dangerous.

Between the 0-1 level my grandmas always try to forewarn me about this! They try to explain how risky to do something! A "prototype Hungarian" never hesitate to telling you how foolish to do something for the community life!

Between 1 and 2. Just look at the NGO activist life. The FIDESZ has 14.000 full time staff. The other parties maybe 300 all together. The biggest NGOs maximum 10. We are a "voluntary sector" properly!

Between the 2-3 level this government made a new law against the blogs. I closed this blog when my lovely government threaten me with 10.000 Pound sentencing tariff per article. This government changed the national council about the employment, minimum wage etc. I mean they destroyed this. They cut the unions rights. They making every system change without negotiation. They don't need the opinion of the scientist or any kind of involved sector wide organisation.

Between the 3-4 what could happened? This conflict clamp speeding up how we progress to the Lisbon goals. Where is the "knowledge based society based full employment"?

Yesterday I promised I will put to the focus the 0. level. Why we are, the Hungarians not assertive:

The first leaves will be the personality in the "assertivity" spot light. 

  1.  Why or why not we creating questions?        
  2. How we can or can not explain our needs?
  3.  Can we can or can not say no the criminal offer or the humiliating frameworks? 


  1. For the assertive behaviour we need a lifelong or some generation experience about a normal situation. When we doing regimes which is stand over we over and over again train the next generations against the assertive attitude.
  2. Actually this government completely deaf for any questions. If the 10.000 people demonstrating in the street the government media just label them as a CIA agent activity. If they not open for any feed back or any advice, proposal after we have no reason to speak.
  3. For the democracy we need our own interest representation. Even some groups need someone who help their voice audible. We need independent media, publicity and watchdogs. We need the rule of law. And finally we need the judgement independency. Because this 4 sector destroyed properly the Hungarians couldn't believe we can say no, any sort of criminal or humiliating offer. Not only is it a technical problem how to find media, relevant NGO or persecution. I talking about a construction inside which is decide "better keep the silence". Too dangerous to complain.

In my next article I will show you the cultural marks of this phenomenon.

first part of this topic

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Közösségi HR Társadalmi tervezési folyamatok támogatása. Munkaerőpiaci reintegrációs projektek előkészítése Részvételi Demokrácia Hálózat

The mirror of the Veszprém election

2015.03.09. 15:10 :: Saman

A week ago in the Veszprém election the government party become a lame duck. Not only did they forfeit a MP position but also they will not have enough mandate to change the constitution alone!

Why the trends is that wrong for them? How they loosing again?

1. The halo is looses it shine. It is so difficult for Mr Orban to kid the people that "I AM THE MAN!". When the MSZP and the FIDESZ destroyed Mr Gyurcsany glory after Mr Orban have been standing  alone as a star. Probably it have finished. Maybe the superstar age is gone.

2. In the publicity the illusions vanished like an unravelling bank of fog. Even if the government rule the nationwide televisions, and they have a strongest News and radio support, this is nothing if the people have a facebook and they talking with the family members at Easter time.

3. This politicians like Mr Putyin or Mr Orban have built up a strict father image. They are "the omnipotent national heroes" No one else in the horizon. Especially if the nation under attacked we need our captain right now. That's why the always attacking someone. But probably the Hungarians can not believe any more his magic power about the national defence! Instead of to be lost in a death-life relation we recon all the game around only a success- facture situation. We already have risked too much!

4. The people like to join to the strong group. The FIDESZ built up a fund monopoly. This party budget bigger than the other 6 party budget together. Probably three time bigger than the NGO sector financial background.  However is it powerful to finances something, a few volunteer was able to stand up against this in Veszprem, and some other places before. Looks like the money is not everything!

5. At the Strasburg's Human Rights' Curt they start open Justitias's eyes. When the Hungarian government just one day to other have taken the tobaco shops licence, the curt say Ok but you hurt the right of ownership. All our economy is based on this "stilling habit". How can the Hungarian or Russian, or Armanian etc. etc. budget be responsible if they need to pay back whatever had been stolen? It is already a big international issue. Lot's of ex communist country try to give extra right's for the politicians to still everything, and after we need to pay again. Nice! Finally the people wake up!

6. This state capture model is working if they have an own president, had of the curt, porsecutor, constitutional curt etc. With the servile media and the own QANGO movements the outsiders haven't felt for a long time the tax brainstorming is planted to the practice without any control! The notion of "check and balances is a joke now! It will be hard to build up a normal public speech again!

7. In every management evaluation could be use the "integration successes" regard. In Hungary the companies have been suffering in the last 10 years because the paying the same salaries, and after the inflation just slowly-slowly takes a little part of it. Nearly every sector suffering because of that. Who told Mr Orban, if we destroyed the trust with the workers, with the Unions, with the single issue movements, and set a low value on the national currency and we start a huge war again the international companies ... this mix would be stick together anything?

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The onion leaves of the participation democracy I.

2015.03.09. 13:23 :: Saman

6 days ago the Hungarian Parliament voted for the Paks II. agreement encryption. Instead of 15 years we can not see any details for 30 years.

 My blog is about the participation democracy point of view. This is the opposite side. Mr Putyin and Mr Orban sign something witch will be a giant bill for the next 30 years national budget and we, the tax payers we have no idea why is it could be call "public weal". It is literately not "public". When the journalists tried to question the MPs "Why they voting for that?" some of them said they also have no idea why is it necessary, but sorry if the prime minister want it, so what we can do? Even the party democracy have no control what could happened in the country! Which is normal in this ages. We made so many new law without any questions! Two human beings agreement is become stronger than two nation interests.

 The maximum exclusion the salon politics is the opposite the deep democracy or participation democracy. Just theoretically the exclusion side need 4 or 300 man. For the other side need 2 million, or 10 million.

I used to put together this dimension with an other one. Our solutions for control something is how civilized or how savage. If we using only the violence, if we ignoring the rule of law, the partners interests, or everything witch is suggested by the culture we are in a barbaric solution side against the negations, agreements, publicity and democracy.

 On this chart we have 4 territory.

I. Open for a huge participation / and open for a cultivated side.

II. Exclutive / but cultivated side

III. Exclutive and / violence based

IV. Crowed based / violence

 To understood more about this solution decades I used to call the III. "Bask type terrorism". In this example we can see how the separatist movements "negotiate" with their own politicians. They just send them a bomb sometimes. The guerrilla movements using violence against the politicians. Small activist groups not too much victim.

For the IV. constellation is the best example is the "Irish type terrorism" then also for a long period the violence was more specific than the negotiation but pretty much the half nation was involved to the activity.

On the civilized decades we found the "salon politics" II. and the participation democracy I. solutions.

About this model one of my article was published in the "index", when the government party chairman's father was taken from the public hospital. And Mr Mesterhazy said, he don't wanna risk his father life that's why he choose a private hospital. My question was "Why the prime minister candidate worried about the "doctor-terrorist"? Why he think the hospital staff would live a claw in his father body as a "political protest" message? Maybe he think we are not happy 100% with his work? Maybe we couldn't find any forum to explain our questions?

Basically I wrote this model for a movement mail list dispute. When the JOBBIK was only some FIDESZ and Putyin supported skin head group, some NGO organised a big demonstration against the hate speech. They was thinking to invite Mr Gyurcsány and Mr Orban to walk ahead of the craw. I explained for them with this article it shouldn't be fair, because this two guys voting for the barbarian, violence full public life over and over again and also they support the maximum exclusion instead of speak with us or facilitate a democratic country public life. If we stand up against the violence escalation, they should be addressed first!

The FIDESZ and a JOBBIK with a strong media support promote the "civil war" or the physical attack "emancipation" in the public speech. Mr. Zoltan Pokorni have promised in the election campaign the politicians who stealing the public money the would have chopped the right hand. Even the civil demonstrations quiet often suggest to do something what we had done in 56.

 In this 1000 article here I tried to explain witch system results or historical results made it understandable why we turned back to pre-modern, medieval, ante-democratic solutions instead of the postmodern, democratic and over democratic development.

Sometimes I have a flash how can I explain it a pure model. Like this above, or how can I put together different level things. In the next articles I try to build up a new "onionskin" model. Jump to different levels to look after why the Hungarian politics is so exclusion supportive and why is it so helpless.

I will use 5 levels to explain witch systems what sort of frameworks built up week democratic culture in the communities / including the NGOs and political parties/ and why the personality support this mendacious public life with votes.

When the government guys used to negotiate with the IMF, EU or international level decision making we have a chance to send two uncontrollable man to sit down and talk about our public life. Two man who truly don't believe any modernisation mission. There is no knowledge based society or industrial society or whatever behind their thinking. They truly don't believe the democratic parties with the opposition organisations need to create any mandate or national strategy. They truly don't believe the people in small circles in NGO movements, local forums can talk about the public life and give an understandable amndate. They truly don't care what is your family life strategy and how is fit with this frameworks. They anytime opened to blame your personality!


In my next article I will start the middle of this onion. The first leaves will be the personality in the "assertivity" spot light. 

  • Why or why not we creating questions?
  • How we can or can not explain our needs?
  • Can we or can not say no the criminal offer or the humiliating frameworks? 

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Hungarian jism revolution

2015.02.12. 16:59 :: Saman

On Friday when I opened my facebook literally every second post was something comment or news article about Mr Lajos Simicska pronouncement. He had call the prime minister "jism" also some FIDESZ party activist was labelled with this glorious attribute.


In the Hungarian language the sperm is a swear-word. My dictionary said "motherfucker" or "bitch" on that situation when the very rude and under educated people speak like this.

However, much more interesting who used this class and why. Back to the change before 1989 Mr Simicska and Mr Orban was flatmates in the University Dormitory and after Mr Simicska cumulate the party assets in different organisations. During the FIDESZ governments so many European Union money landing in the KÖZGÉP Rt. Approximately 50 % of the road making or investment found is disappear in this way. Because of the penetrate corruption the construction industry is dead. No one can emulate with this robber group. The EU founds made them incredibly rich.

Based on this money horn of plenty they build up some TV channel and editorial. In the last 17 years they have been systematically attacking the independent NGOs and newsrooms. The mainstream can see only the government propaganda in the telly about the glorious Hungarian fairytale.

Mr Orban decided to create more state financed TV channel and he asked the HírTV and Magyar Nemzet management staff to join to the new newsroom team. That was the point when his old friend labelled him once famously said "He is a jism!".

The Hír TV and the Magyar Nemzet was the leader campaign organisations to build up a special constellation on the political market. They start to demonize the left and liberal parties and after finally they start to labelling the independent NGOs and experts like Mr Putyn's Russia. Everyone is CIA agent who is speaking against the government. Approximately the hole media horizon and NGO horizon destroyed. As I explained here the independent NGO have become a public enemy in Hungary, still 2013 the government stopped to give money for the NGOs for the basic administration which is supposed to be big scandal.

Very funny in this conflict when Mr Simicska worried about his execution. He said he thought he would be killed by Mr Orban. Only the publicity can defend him, so he need to say that.

That is ridiculous. The man who organised this political crisis, this mafia system, this violence based rotten "illiberal democracy" he asking the publicity to defend him! Because he is "the" blue.


Whatever is could happened with his body he have become immortal. We will have ever remember this Friday "jism" speech. Maybe in the far future we will forgive him how they destroyed the media sector, how they destroyed construction industry, how they steal billion and billion EU money, how they blocked this fund development benefit, but finally he give us a funny afternoon!

Thanx Louis!

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Who is speaking?

2015.01.19. 15:48 :: Saman

There is a Hungarian scientist Karoly Varga who discovered a national habit in 1971. We Hungarians unlike the other cultures we do not involve experts and affected people to the decision prep process.

In this blog I am not only try to explain how the politicians ignore to speak with NGOs including the umbrella organisations but also the journalism could ignore us at all.

This neofascist government favorite media trick to questioned "why this people speaking". Finally we adopt the  Russian solution. Even if 10.000 people demonstrate in the street, the public media talking about CIA manipulation. The Hungarian politicians day by day talking about USA aggression, intervention and manipulation because they put the spotlight the corruption.

With this mythological  phantasm they do not believe any Hungarian able to stand up and creating questions about our life.

Last week I find an article in last year 17 February about the VAT fake. Especially a journalist made interview 4 umbrella organisation chairman. The head of the mill craft sector, the culinary oil, the sugar industry and the meat industry umbrella body management have been talking about a same scandal. Not only the food industry suffered by this terror. Some tax office brokers asking big companies to support the government party foundations exchange for do not pay the 27% VAT. The competition on the market nowadays to vend "tax free" products against the legal one. 27 % is a huge distance in the pricing. For the honest competitor has no chance to survive. This mafia social Darwinism select the Hungarian companies in a funny way. Only the criminal can stay.

After the election USA forbid 6 Hungarian government guy including the head of the TAX Office because of allegation of corruption.

We have been talking about the American manipulation from April of 2014 and still we don't care what this 4 chairman have explained to us.

There is no one bloody  journalist in the country who try to show for the people in this Government vs. US Government mach the real conflict is between the FIDESZ mafia and a private companies. This party activist selling our national budget in a criminal way destroy or criminalise everything around us.

Our democracy development movement have been organizing 450 school forum in Hungary between 1986 and 1996. We asked minimum 3 terms for the public issue. You must have a question form of your problem. We need a candidate who agreed to hold this question in a public forum as an emissary. And finally we need someone who is addressed. We must know who is responsible to answer for this question.

In this participation democracy blog I try to keep clean this things.

I tried to keep on eye who is addressed what was the question and who stood up whit this.

The Hungarian public speech needs help. If we can ignore what this 4 chairman said 12 month ago and we can spend 10 month to have been speaking about a new USA-Hungarian war we should confront with our sickness! We need mirror to see how we working.

Mr Lazar and Mr Orban so many times explained in the media the Hungarian NGO-s are foreign agents because they talking about the problems.

At the end of the day all the Hungarian journalist and the comment maker citizens let them play this dirty game. Let them ignore the fact. The citizens have a question about the Hungarian welfare!

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