Hungarian Participation Democracy's Ghost.

I have been a community development social worker and NGO activist from 1988 until 2007 back in Hungary. I am using the democracy development single issue movement points of view to let people understand the current affairs. During the first 7 years I wrote nearly 1000 articles about employment, democracy development, agriculture NGO situation. After this election I decided I turn my blog to English.


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Construction inside

2015.03.10. 12:28 :: Saman

As a social worker we working with individuals in an advertisement framework, sometimes we invite the people for group work and we working with communities too. If numerous people suffering with same problems or they can learn form each other even more than alone that could be a reason to find…

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Közösségi HR Társadalmi tervezési folyamatok támogatása. Munkaerőpiaci reintegrációs projektek előkészítése Részvételi Demokrácia Hálózat

The mirror of the Veszprém election

2015.03.09. 15:10 :: Saman

A week ago in the Veszprém election the government party become a lame duck. Not only did they forfeit a MP position but also they will not have enough mandate to change the constitution alone! Why the trends is that wrong for them? How they loosing again? 1. The halo is looses it shine. It is so…

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The onion leaves of the participation democracy I.

2015.03.09. 13:23 :: Saman

6 days ago the Hungarian Parliament voted for the Paks II. agreement encryption. Instead of 15 years we can not see any details for 30 years.  My blog is about the participation democracy point of view. This is the opposite side. Mr Putyin and Mr Orban sign something witch will be a giant bill for…

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