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I have been a community development social worker and NGO activist from 1988 until 2007 back in Hungary. I am using the democracy development single issue movement points of view to let people understand the current affairs. During the first 7 years I wrote nearly 1000 articles about employment, democracy development, agriculture NGO situation. After this election I decided I turn my blog to English.


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The onion leaves of the participation democracy I.

2015.03.09. 13:23 :: Saman

6 days ago the Hungarian Parliament voted for the Paks II. agreement encryption. Instead of 15 years we can not see any details for 30 years.

 My blog is about the participation democracy point of view. This is the opposite side. Mr Putyin and Mr Orban sign something witch will be a giant bill for the next 30 years national budget and we, the tax payers we have no idea why is it could be call "public weal". It is literately not "public". When the journalists tried to question the MPs "Why they voting for that?" some of them said they also have no idea why is it necessary, but sorry if the prime minister want it, so what we can do? Even the party democracy have no control what could happened in the country! Which is normal in this ages. We made so many new law without any questions! Two human beings agreement is become stronger than two nation interests.

 The maximum exclusion the salon politics is the opposite the deep democracy or participation democracy. Just theoretically the exclusion side need 4 or 300 man. For the other side need 2 million, or 10 million.

I used to put together this dimension with an other one. Our solutions for control something is how civilized or how savage. If we using only the violence, if we ignoring the rule of law, the partners interests, or everything witch is suggested by the culture we are in a barbaric solution side against the negations, agreements, publicity and democracy.

 On this chart we have 4 territory.

I. Open for a huge participation / and open for a cultivated side.

II. Exclutive / but cultivated side

III. Exclutive and / violence based

IV. Crowed based / violence

 To understood more about this solution decades I used to call the III. "Bask type terrorism". In this example we can see how the separatist movements "negotiate" with their own politicians. They just send them a bomb sometimes. The guerrilla movements using violence against the politicians. Small activist groups not too much victim.

For the IV. constellation is the best example is the "Irish type terrorism" then also for a long period the violence was more specific than the negotiation but pretty much the half nation was involved to the activity.

On the civilized decades we found the "salon politics" II. and the participation democracy I. solutions.

About this model one of my article was published in the "index", when the government party chairman's father was taken from the public hospital. And Mr Mesterhazy said, he don't wanna risk his father life that's why he choose a private hospital. My question was "Why the prime minister candidate worried about the "doctor-terrorist"? Why he think the hospital staff would live a claw in his father body as a "political protest" message? Maybe he think we are not happy 100% with his work? Maybe we couldn't find any forum to explain our questions?

Basically I wrote this model for a movement mail list dispute. When the JOBBIK was only some FIDESZ and Putyin supported skin head group, some NGO organised a big demonstration against the hate speech. They was thinking to invite Mr Gyurcsány and Mr Orban to walk ahead of the craw. I explained for them with this article it shouldn't be fair, because this two guys voting for the barbarian, violence full public life over and over again and also they support the maximum exclusion instead of speak with us or facilitate a democratic country public life. If we stand up against the violence escalation, they should be addressed first!

The FIDESZ and a JOBBIK with a strong media support promote the "civil war" or the physical attack "emancipation" in the public speech. Mr. Zoltan Pokorni have promised in the election campaign the politicians who stealing the public money the would have chopped the right hand. Even the civil demonstrations quiet often suggest to do something what we had done in 56.

 In this 1000 article here I tried to explain witch system results or historical results made it understandable why we turned back to pre-modern, medieval, ante-democratic solutions instead of the postmodern, democratic and over democratic development.

Sometimes I have a flash how can I explain it a pure model. Like this above, or how can I put together different level things. In the next articles I try to build up a new "onionskin" model. Jump to different levels to look after why the Hungarian politics is so exclusion supportive and why is it so helpless.

I will use 5 levels to explain witch systems what sort of frameworks built up week democratic culture in the communities / including the NGOs and political parties/ and why the personality support this mendacious public life with votes.

When the government guys used to negotiate with the IMF, EU or international level decision making we have a chance to send two uncontrollable man to sit down and talk about our public life. Two man who truly don't believe any modernisation mission. There is no knowledge based society or industrial society or whatever behind their thinking. They truly don't believe the democratic parties with the opposition organisations need to create any mandate or national strategy. They truly don't believe the people in small circles in NGO movements, local forums can talk about the public life and give an understandable amndate. They truly don't care what is your family life strategy and how is fit with this frameworks. They anytime opened to blame your personality!


In my next article I will start the middle of this onion. The first leaves will be the personality in the "assertivity" spot light. 

  • Why or why not we creating questions?
  • How we can or can not explain our needs?
  • Can we or can not say no the criminal offer or the humiliating frameworks? 

Szólj hozzá!

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