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I have been a community development social worker and NGO activist from 1988 until 2007 back in Hungary. I am using the democracy development single issue movement points of view to let people understand the current affairs. During the first 7 years I wrote nearly 1000 articles about employment, democracy development, agriculture NGO situation. After this election I decided I turn my blog to English.


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The mirror of the Veszprém election

2015.03.09. 15:10 :: Saman

A week ago in the Veszprém election the government party become a lame duck. Not only did they forfeit a MP position but also they will not have enough mandate to change the constitution alone!

Why the trends is that wrong for them? How they loosing again?

1. The halo is looses it shine. It is so difficult for Mr Orban to kid the people that "I AM THE MAN!". When the MSZP and the FIDESZ destroyed Mr Gyurcsany glory after Mr Orban have been standing  alone as a star. Probably it have finished. Maybe the superstar age is gone.

2. In the publicity the illusions vanished like an unravelling bank of fog. Even if the government rule the nationwide televisions, and they have a strongest News and radio support, this is nothing if the people have a facebook and they talking with the family members at Easter time.

3. This politicians like Mr Putyin or Mr Orban have built up a strict father image. They are "the omnipotent national heroes" No one else in the horizon. Especially if the nation under attacked we need our captain right now. That's why the always attacking someone. But probably the Hungarians can not believe any more his magic power about the national defence! Instead of to be lost in a death-life relation we recon all the game around only a success- facture situation. We already have risked too much!

4. The people like to join to the strong group. The FIDESZ built up a fund monopoly. This party budget bigger than the other 6 party budget together. Probably three time bigger than the NGO sector financial background.  However is it powerful to finances something, a few volunteer was able to stand up against this in Veszprem, and some other places before. Looks like the money is not everything!

5. At the Strasburg's Human Rights' Curt they start open Justitias's eyes. When the Hungarian government just one day to other have taken the tobaco shops licence, the curt say Ok but you hurt the right of ownership. All our economy is based on this "stilling habit". How can the Hungarian or Russian, or Armanian etc. etc. budget be responsible if they need to pay back whatever had been stolen? It is already a big international issue. Lot's of ex communist country try to give extra right's for the politicians to still everything, and after we need to pay again. Nice! Finally the people wake up!

6. This state capture model is working if they have an own president, had of the curt, porsecutor, constitutional curt etc. With the servile media and the own QANGO movements the outsiders haven't felt for a long time the tax brainstorming is planted to the practice without any control! The notion of "check and balances is a joke now! It will be hard to build up a normal public speech again!

7. In every management evaluation could be use the "integration successes" regard. In Hungary the companies have been suffering in the last 10 years because the paying the same salaries, and after the inflation just slowly-slowly takes a little part of it. Nearly every sector suffering because of that. Who told Mr Orban, if we destroyed the trust with the workers, with the Unions, with the single issue movements, and set a low value on the national currency and we start a huge war again the international companies ... this mix would be stick together anything?

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