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Participation Democracy Summary of 2014

2015.01.02. 16:15 :: Saman

Every year I used to write an evaluation article. Probably that was the most wonderful year in the Hungarian history about the participation democracy point of view.

In this year the Hungarian "civil killer and predator scandal" become a big international issue. A year ago this point of view was a marginal topic even in the national media. In this year this topic is connected with the Hungarian situation in the Economist, New York Times, Sun or whenever you are reading about Mr Orbans unorthodox ideas.

The democratic competition could measure who has a bigger respect in the voters eyes. Looks like the Hungarians will not listening to the white collar worker speech any more. This party won the election again. They still coming out more and more crazy lies but in this year something changed. The people start to laugh about this lies. They have started to say how we shocked. The speakers in the demonstrations and the news put to the agenda the main questions. The questions about the corruption, the exclusion, the poverty is on the table again.

4 years ago our prime minister had a speech in front of the OECD leaders. That was the point when after the elections he start to talk about what could be happening during his governance. He was so proud how famous he would be when so many country will start to copy his unorthodox and incredibly  successful solutions. After this elections he also made his speech. He went to the mangalica pig farm witch owned by his village neighbour. He is the most rich and most famous gas-fitter in Hungary. Probably in the next election our national proud the mangalica pig community will be integrated to the election system otherwise I can not imagine what could happened with our prime ministers glory's shine.

The other channel how we used to have known what for we vote in the election is a summer camps speech in Transylvania. In this year he spoke about the death of the liberal democracy, in his opinion the dictatorships are very successful, including the Russian,  Kazakh, Turkish examples. His illiberal system is on operation already. He control the mainstream media, the police, the persecution, the judgement he used to threat NGOs or independent media actors including the bloggers. His hate speech not the first time targeting the EU organisations. But at the end of the day the world noticed, he speaking about system questions. He stood up for a special "human rights". In this "model countries" the leaders have limitless power to still anything what they want.

Barely a year ago, In February of 2014 after the Ukrainian revolution the Interpol start to internationally wanted 50 government guy who escaped with the corruption money. The Russian army "volunteers" killed  so many protesters in Kiev. Probably the predator countries leaders and the subjects of this countries saw an example for the bourgeois revolution . The people stood up for human rights. Of course our prime minister wants to use this "protection service" witch is available in Moscow, and of course our glorious leader don't want to be an agenda over end over again in the EU forums.

So in this year we noticed we joined to a half-Asian union and we turn our back to the EU, to the modernisation and a rule of law.

The system witch is distract the 80% of the EU development funds from the original targets is in operation still the first FIDESZ government start to work. In 1998 the MSZP and a FIDESZ made a pact about this control less  finance method. Mr Zuschlag /who made this pact with Mr Halasz/ was released from the prison after 6 years. /Mr Halasz still have been member of this government/. The Hungarian NGO sector have been suffering under this terror from 1998.

The way how this government/maffia vend the EU funds money is escalated to other areas. Some company meet with government brokers in the market and this guys offer them a special service. If they could be donate some government friendly "charity organisations" they don't need to pay the 27% VAT. So they can keep the position in the market. Otherwise you will be in the competition in the market with other sugar, oil, meat or whatever is your goods with other companies who use this "financial help". The American Embassy finally forbid 6 people including the tax office head because of corruption. They start to protest for the free market in this way.

As in Mr Putyins country the Hungarian government start to label the NGOs as a foreign interest servant. The government have tried to occupy the Norway Civil Found money.

The Norway EU minister Mr Vidar Helgessen worked hard to explain the madness to the EU decision makers.

Because of this two country work the Hungarian  PREDATOR system is a spotlight in the international public speech and because of the independent Hungarian NGOs work the end of the year so many times the people made demonstrations against this shameless corrupt politicians.

After the new "internet tax idea", we can see lots of demonstrations. Week by week the people go to the street to protest against this criminals.

Looks like Mr Orban so tired to create new lies about this system. And the lies making the people more and more angry.

Today, we have a demonstration again. Someone gonna speak about the participation democracy! So I am so happy!

Congratulations for Hungary for the 2014! I believe very soon our destine turn back to the European way and we will not join the half-Asian Union as Mr Orbans group wish.

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