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I have been a community development social worker and NGO activist from 1988 until 2007 back in Hungary. I am using the democracy development single issue movement points of view to let people understand the current affairs. During the first 7 years I wrote nearly 1000 articles about employment, democracy development, agriculture NGO situation. After this election I decided I turn my blog to English.


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2014.11.13. 12:15 :: Saman

My blogs focus have became a main issue in the Hungarian politics. In the country and the foreign affairs  as well.

After my last article week by week I have been shocking how many glorious new case study taking up a debate about the Hungarian democracy deficit.

The EU minister of Norway started a great international campaign which is try to wake up the European and North Atlantic politicians. The Hungarian government attacked the Norway Found NGO programme in this summer. They came out with a shameless picture. They wanted to occupy the civil found because it's not independent enough. It is funny when they tried to explain the government should be the assurance for independency.

I wanted to write so many article about how the government speakers lying in the media about the Hungarian NGO independency but I have been working without off days in this period.

Two American presidents came out with criticism about the democracy deficits and Mr Andre Goodfriend the Deputy Chief of Mission U. S. Embassy Budapest, day by day in the newspaper because USA cancelled visas for Hungarians involved corruption.

One of the government friend news try to find out why USA get angry and they explained a case in the oil market. One of the food oil company was asked by a tax office "broker" if they would be so kind to support this and this foundation, they can involve them a system, which is help them to sell the food without VAT or less VAT. The TAX Office Chief is the top of the corruption list. That is the Hungarian version of the "free market competition". Yesterday I meet with a detail: 30 % of the Hungarian VAT disappeared anyway. Looks like the tax office brokers doing an effective job to involve companies to crime. Just try to imagine how is the competition in the market if some prodact coming with a 27% tax and some companies bale to ignore that in the pricing.

There is an other level of this conflict. Mr Orban funcy the Russian / Armanian / Azerbaijan etc. society economy model which is based on the exclusion + competition restriction.

This societies happy to feed the politicians families with whole markets. The Hungarians don't issuing at all when the FIDESZ or MSZP people destroying a market and put themselves to the owner position.

When Hungary start to celebrate the Turkish - Russian - Azerbaijan model and start to hate the European public speech and rule of law based cultures we get a position between the USA and Putyin debate. We part of the NATO and the European Union, but clearly want to give guarantees for our criminal politicians: they will have never been questioned about issues. No public speech, no persecution, no arraignment!

In this cocktail the conflict between the local communities / nationwide movements and the predator political parties became a big international debate.

The people week by week go for demonstrations and fighting against the government. Try to explain how we angry about this madness. Try to stop the government about the criminal system changes, about the hate speech against the independent Hungarian Civil Society! Basically the government came out with a new tax idea. They wanted to lay an extra tax to the internet. Top of the 27% VAT we need more and more!

The internet is the last agent for the public speech. We have no independent media at all, the nationwide councils are destroyed, so many sector wide  umbrella organisation is a caricature of itself. The internet, the face book the blog world is our last chance to fight against the politicians lies.

I am so happy to see how the international constellation support us!

At the beginning of this I wrote a letter for Vidar Helgessen to explain him my participation democracy history blog how useful when the government lying about the NGO sector independency.

After 8 weeks I have a long list who else should be addressed. The European Commission European Anti Fraud Office. The U. S. Embassy Budapest. Of course I should start to speak with the Hungarian movements who start to protest. The Humán Platform, the Ökotárs, the new student movements, the internet tax protest movements or the watchdog blog portals should be contacted.

I am thinking to brake my promise and turn my blog back to Hungarian or start a video blog in Hungarian. After this demonstrations I become a proud Hungarian again!




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