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"August summer night..." Hungarian tanks against Russia

2014.09.03. 11:05 :: Saman

Between Moscow and Budapest there is a European orientated country. Nine month ago they have stood up against the Russian orientated criminals which had been called before Ukraine's government.

 The European Union accused fifty Ukrainian "business man" after the Ukrainian revolution.

On my last Hungarian article which was published a community blog call "határátkelő" - "border crossing point", I subject the a model which is making distinction between the predator countries and the welfare society model.

  There is a lots of excommunist country which became nationalist with a special "capitalism" picture. The local nationalist movements paint a picture about the  dangerous foreign word and some family around the government try to occupying the local markets before the foreign owners do. Even if have a lot of participants on the market, they ready to exterminate the former local owners and sector by sector the government mafia own the half country.

To the "word's richest man" list so quickly came some "business man" who started to own the Siberian oil companies.

The state capture model is so popular over near here. As my glorious prime minister explained a month ago in the Tusnadfurdő speech. That was the point when the world news papers start to talk about the Hungarian ideologist interest group success.

So many times he spoke something around this model. The "exclusion and competition restriction based society" model is not only Mr Orban's favourite. He is right. This fashion is quiet popular in East Europe and middle Asia.


It is a sensitive question to mix an international conflict and an other issue which is should be under national control.

In my opinion Hungary made a secret deal about a new fusion reactor in Paks with Putin, which is giving a massive Russian control for them in the next 30 years on the Hungarian budget, because the criminal politician elite paying in this way for Russia to defend them if necessary.

Yesterday a Russian MP talk about the Hungarian tanks which was sent to Ukraine. He said that If we saw tanks and thought it was Russian tanks, it is Hungarian tanks it had sent to this area by American order from Hungary.

I was quiet confused how the Hungarians tanks going against the Russian army if Mr Orban and Mr Putin so familiar with each other, but after that I got light in my mind. Around January I would say it is a revenge against 1956, but the wind get changed.

The Hungarian government was under terroristic press from USA, and by the way what we call Russian army against Ukraine it is by the fact American support for the rebels. 

So in a Russian eye the Hungarians are not a bad guy definitely. We are just innocent again. And by the way what we call Russian army in Ukraine is an American aggression against  an independent country!

Two minutes ago the wind had changed again. Mr Putin and Mr Porosenko signed an agreement about a ceasefire.

Is it possible I lost something? Mr Putin became an American president?



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