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The beer belly Diva

2014.06.09. 17:57 :: Saman

The Eurovision Song Constest is a competition between the country representatives.

In this year our neighbour country the Austrian candidate was came out with a typical Swedish topic. He had asked our pay attention "how the trans sexual people man living" and he won with his entertainment the European votes all over the continent. After that the Hungarian media was full of articles how big slap in the face for the was that for the homophobic Hungarian mainstream.


Just a couple of few days before our old/new Prime minister Mr Orban has spoken in front of western European leaders. Second time it happened he tried to introduced himself with the same glory. Not only is he a glorious national leader, but also all over the world must copy his fantastic unorthodox innovations.

The singin competition is more about the feelings, the catharsis actually. Can this singer achieve something amazing? Can he or she involve the flow of his entertainment? The country leadership is must be evaluated some other point of view with. Economical integration success. Show us some disclosed problems, solutions in the society development. More relevant targets about "what we need to do". Is it the Hungarian leadership that successful? All over the world the countries copying our solutions because "they don't want to left behind us." lol

That interest group second time won in the election, all together that will be the third FIDESZ government.

Look at this charts about our country :


 We are the most conflict full country in Europe. The tension between the poor and rich higher than anywhere.


Nearly 80% of the adult population has no any saving for an unanticipated situation.


How the social expenditure is changed between 2007 - 2013. Our country "innovation" is that!

After that, shall I have a question. 2 days before the whiskery diva won in the singer election our belly diva has spoken about the worldwide conservative revolution and his glorious pioneer leadership. 4 years ago after the elections he had spoken in front of the OECD country leaders about his fantastic new nationalism model. He had threaded the OECD leaders we would growing faster than anyone! He would be very busy to counselling the other right side party leaders about his miracle.

After the change in the last 25 years the world economy has been growing 21% stronger then our economy. This ideologist interest group call our achievement "fairytale" but the reality is so far from this picture. We loosing the fight.

If you take this perspective, how could you believe our Prime minister opinion? What kind of personality could say that "This is the successful model what should be copied! How could he lie the conference participants face without feeling shame? What kind of innovation is to kill the public speech actors, the journalist of the media, the leaders of the NGO or union movements, the judgement, the police and persecution independency, etc. What kind of personality can sweep under the carpet the shame after that, and say: Look at me! How genius my leadership! How genius is myself! And after Mr shameless, the belly diva start on the election without any program. After when the new government stand up, the firs idea is : " We don't need government program any more."

Be honest the barded diva is a divided us with his controversial gender entertainment but on the competition of the "Extreme European Personality" the belly diva is absolute would be running. The belly diva is "the drama queen" in this competition.


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Közösségi HR Társadalmi tervezési folyamatok támogatása. Munkaerőpiaci reintegrációs projektek előkészítése Részvételi Demokrácia Hálózat

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maxval a gondolkodó birca · 2014.06.09. 18:33:46

This year's ESC shows the real face of the so called modern European civilization. Today's Europe has an extremely antihuman and ugly face: this is the face of an anti-Christian, Satanic pseudo-culture.

Satan and his loyal allies at the powerful Homosexualist Lobby had a really good day on the day of the final of the Copenhagen 2014 ESC. This is a big victory for Satan, we have to admit this, however this will never discourages us and we will fight on for Christ's cause, no matter how powerful and mighty is Satan and his Homosexualist lobbists!