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I have been a community development social worker and NGO activist from 1988 until 2007 back in Hungary. I am using the democracy development single issue movement points of view to let people understand the current affairs. During the first 7 years I wrote nearly 1000 articles about employment, democracy development, agriculture NGO situation. After this election I decided I turn my blog to English.


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Hungary has been 10 years in the European Union

2014.05.06. 16:27 :: Saman

That was clear around the change, it known we would go through a system relay. Not only do we that in Hungary but also in the all over the ex communist countries. History has shown the ex communist countries the planned economy must have changed to free market, democracy and welfare society model. Instead of the planned economy the system will be free market, instead of the state-party dictatorship the system turn to democratic competition, the family existence was depending on the state redistribution, instead of that the welfare society model could give lots of responsibility back to the families.

The Eastern European societies have started to built up this things, but the Hungarian details are not too hopeful. Hungary had have the best of the running the Visegrad Countries /Poland, Check, Slovakia, Hungary/, but we left this group, and we was transferred to the Balkan group. Instead of to build up a grate middle class, just a little group getting stronger. 90% of the society have fallen in the last 10 years.

There are different answers, why the monumental failure on the poverty, why we fall down with the close up. Today we will look after what is wrong with the contraction. Why the different part of the structure not really connecting. Why everyone sitting on the horse reverse.

Today we are going to use a picture to help to understood the problems in the perspective. In the world of the trainings we often doing statues, or aquarium exercise when we analyse something in the middle of the group.

Today I will invite you to his fairytale when Grandpa found a huge carrot in the garden, and because of the big challenge he would invite all his family including the domesticated and wild animals. On this group try to help us Grandma, her daughter, her grandchild, the dog, the cat and finally the mouse as well. All this group remembers was corporate in a right structure.


Today just imagine that for our aquarium exercise / statue / drama situation, one person would turn over for a try. What is happening with a group, if one of the members just hug the person next to him or her, instead of be part of the living warp. The rest of the chain behind this person would fall down.

Of course because of this accident the challenge have not done. Maybe the trust destroyed on the group too. Probably we getting farther from the challenge than before.

In this article I will explain to you what would be necessary to follow by the Treaty of Lisbon targets. How we planned to build up a nearly full employment in the European Union counties to make stronger the sectors wish have a connect with the "information based society" and the "knowledge based society" trends.

In every year when we see the Japanese, USA, and Scandinavian details of the yearly balance of trade, we always jealous how they developing in the knowledge intensive economy compare to our position. Europe is slowly, probably come away. Imagine that Japan, USA or the Scandinavian countries getting successful because the would make better structures. Some of them famous for the corporation, the innovation.

Not only is the knowledge based society an employment structure, but is it also a cultural trend. In this countries the control functioned organisations, the feed back systems and the national flexibility is able to support or sometimes generate the local problem solving. Do we able to make decisions with the maximum specific view, could we use this skills to get with it.

Sometimes the changes in the modernisation level coming with the changes of the work - culture. Once upon a time we turn from the hunting to the agricultural based lifestyle. In this constructions most of the people doing farm or ready to defend the country. Another scenario, when we involved to the industrial activity, try to produce something which is valuable in the market, because necessary for a comfortable city life. This is another age. The people who doing farm job only 1-3% of the society. Even the classic factory "workers" including the construction industry less then 8%. The services sector especially the human services and produce well organised information should be a chance to grow up close to the full employment.

In Hungary after the change 1.5 million people lose their job in the agriculture and the industry. We haven't done something with it in the last 20 years. Who has fall down 20 years ago, they still sitting in the floor.

During the Eastern European model change we had a dream to live the neofeudalist communist system and would build up something which is that modernisation level. Especially in our student movements we thought we should use the modernisation change definitions to help to grow up a new leader generation who understood the knowledge society model. With the Treaty of Lisbon the EU has incorporated this dream to our targets. Imagine that Grandpa is using this fashionable word in the public speech, but probably we are not that flexible, not that effective. Our routine is still reminiscent activity. Let me go through with you from Grandpa to the Little Mouse the members of this how we facing with this challenge. As the old saying goes , we are as strong as our weakest link. Is it possible someone doesn't doing a grate job?

Grandpa's question: Does the EU facing with the knowledge based society challenge?

In every my when we see the national balances sadly we set Japan, USA or the Scandinavian countries still growing faster in the knowledge intensive economy. After this establishment do we worry about it?

Looks like Grandpa lose the flexibility. We don't do goals or targets about this. Grandpa! You can explain where have you come from. But do you know where we will leading with this?

Grandma's question: Does the nation state facing with the knowledge based society?

The EU is a construction where the consummation or even the real planning is based on the national level.

In our student movements when we spoke about the modernisation level changes, it was also a carrier orientation for the young people. Let we look around what we offer for the young generation in the media, the university or school teacher carrier, even the creative development jobs, NGOs, financial sector. If anyone had said that 20 years ago, you need to build up a "special trusted relationship" with the party leaders if you want a job here, then the people would laughing about.

Not only the is the qualified jobs lose the well paid status in our societies, but also is the simple workers salary getting half. Looks like the workers have retrograded to the age of the manufactures. We are working for a salary which is not even enough for living, we have no workers rights, the new law of the employment is empty. We destroyed the communication platforms in local and national level too.

If our national state has plan to do something about a modernisation, then we would generate revolution of the communication instead of the age of silence.

The lord of the house: How the system creator organisations facing the knowledge based society challenge?

After when we joined to the EU but probably in the last 16 years we have done about face. Nowadays it is not a national deal to build up democracy, free market and welfare society model. We definitely working on that the democratic controls do not balk the absolutism. The state /party /maffia feeding itself with hole markets covered by the law changes. The exhaustive and competition restrictive course of proceeding impact to the economy Hungary have no chance to grow in the employment or the commodity wage.

The parties, the media companies, Hungarian NGOs including the unions haven't talk about any kind of future. In this election the main party forget to publish ticket, the prime minister wasn't involved a public debate, and the top of this silence, they won't create governance program at all.

The unions or any kind of umbrella organisations has no control what is happening in the community or national level. Instead of the public speech all our law changes created in IPods and voted without any kind of discretion.

If the Hungarians might calculate with the corporation of the departmental public speech then we wouldn't let it die, let it lose the original functions.

The housewife question: What is the fashion followed? Which countries are the model for us? What kind of problem solving method is useful to copy in this package?

In the western world the New Deal was a grate market supporter and strong integration success from the beginning of the XX. century to the end when the focus of the job creation turned to information society and knowledge society model. So many ex communist country concentrating to develop the national bourgeois class and let the main society get poor. The Russian upper class, who own the oil lands of Siberia they had fly to the top of the "richest world" during 10 years. If we follow this paragon where we would go?

From the EU budget we get 2,8000 million £ financial support yearly. Mostly that money labelled to an exact target. Our country get one of the largest support for development, but finally have we build up something with this help? Which area of the employer market has been developed? Have a look what happened with the society control institutions than you will see how we fall in love with the predator society modell.

Our prime minister signed a secret contract with Mr Putin which is taking the freedom of the margin of the national budget in the next 30 years. Probably if the predator model need physical defence we would pay for this service anyway. Imagine the predator system would be that popular in 2043? The half Asian Union will grow up and getting stronger here?

If the modernisation level would be a point of view in our planes in this case we might not follow the Armanian, Russian, Romanian comets.

The grandchild question: Do we have a modernisation plan? When we have created the National Sustainable Development Strategy, do we have created anything to earnest about our future?

I was joking with this National Sustainable Strategy thing. We destroyed our agriculture, our industry why I wonder if we couldn't build up anything on the knowledge based society area.

After the last election our prime minister promote his "industrial society" idea, but nothing happened after. We already had cut half the salaries, abolished the worker rights, use the EU money to build up motorways all over the country and still the industrial investment is less than ever, neither the construction industry, neither the food processing industry neither the classic industrial sectors. Do we have one area to show any success? Even an idea for the focus on? Do we have a agenda what we should retrace? The age group between 20-30 the 50% planning to go away. In the adult population 20%. So many people try to defend the family life strategy individually because all the community or social planning level have made us blind. No one try to create a hopeful future picture for us.

Question of the dog: Ho the local community level is facing to the knowledge based society challenge? I meant our work place, our school, our public transport company, electricity supplier etc.

The Japanese "ringi" or the Scandinavian participation culture support the people participation, their ideas, their comments in the organisation where they living. With evaluation or feedback systems, creativity workshops, school board, NGOs, team created TQM systems and incentives or robot building societies the system invite the people activity.

How we calling the active citizen voice? How we try to generate the participation based problem solving cultures?

In the hospitals we abolish the patient helper points, in the schools the democracy development student movements destroyed, thy unions have no rights in the new system, even the strike is illegal. Mostly the workplace is able to go in the same way than before but sometimes the thing goes wrong. My cousin had take unknown holidays. She just saw in her payslips when she had 7 shift a week, one was paid as a holiday. This is simple rubbery. Where is the police, the tribune, the union, the rule of law around?

If we didn't thinking local innovations, local discussion and our salary never on the agenda, we wouldn't raise our payment of the economical environment would be right.

Cat's question: How our reference group is facing with the knowledge based society challenge including the informal societies and the NGOs?

During the last governance period we created new institutions with a huge budget. All of them connected with the "dog's area. The new national guard, the new media authority, the soccer stadiums, and the new atomic reactor all against the civil society, all against the public speech, all is a civil war chess figures in a huge games.

The new national guard /called TEK/ in the last week got 3 million £ for new cars. They was in combat against a civil group who try to do a political protest against the new monument memorial of our fantastic fascist history.

The media authority was created was 100 million £ yearly budget. Originally that people try to control the blog world alike. If the EU haven't fight against the new media law they can punish me with 30.000 £ per article.

The soccer stadiums for that target groups, who burnt Budapest several times 6 years ago. We spent for this mission 470 million £.

The found which suppose to finance the III. sector is 171 million £. This is 20% of the Media Authority budget. 15% of the TEK budget. 6% of the soccer hooligan group budget. Unfortunately this money is not even available for the independent NGO world. We using this fund to organise demonstrations to say how we love our prime minister and our fantastic national success.

If the community level disclaim to determine the targets we would follow daft people extemporization.

The little mouse's question: The Hungarian "contraction inside" our personality facing the knowledge based society challenge?

After 20 years community development practice I went back to the University because the presentations from the science, our models was 20 years old or older. I had met with new ideas, theories in the HR faculty. The most interesting was the comparative cultural researches. Globe and after a wile Hofstede made a huge attitude research. Between 61 countries Hungary is the in the worst 3 on the individualism - collectivism, on the human orientation, on the future orientation, on the feminim - masculine scale, /that research count only the "we live for work" or we "work for live" dimension of the gender issue/ also we fall with the uncertain avoidance. Actually our high tolerance is answering how we can live with this things above. Probably one of the lowest future orientation is help for us to live without plans. Imagine how the low human orientation help us to tolerate when mostly we suffering because of the system problems. The high individualism help us to do not think abut the communities, organisation cultures or nationwide challenges. Either the European level.

After I met another 10 intercultural comparative research all those are show something inordinate about us. For example how we construe the "competition" is so close this picture, how our government rubber hole markets. This interest group with this "interesting" ideology just simple still everything for their family budget and cover it some fairytales. Because the Hungarians think "the competition is a kind of success "how we can kill the competitors" - it is Ok for us.

If we fighting against the instruments what could help us to get a specific view, after we wouldn't wonder if all the people just turn to zombie and scan : Imotep! Imotep! Imotep!.

So where we have come from and where we going to?

The Japanese or the Scandinavian success show that the free market as a possibility useful to build up a good salary. After the second world war they wasn't that developed then the Anglo Saxon countries, and finally they built up something very good contraction based on the local and national corporation.

The Hungarians wants to be involved in this markets? What do the free market mean for us? Probably the cannibal nations have a long queue in the border to destroy our glorious country. Should we insistent that trade integration shall be done instead of to try to develop a new Hitler ideology and start to kill the other nations? The Italians can show you in London their wine, cheese or fashion. What we call Hungarian unique? How we work on some focus? What should memorable for the world as a Hungarian product?

I use to build up in my articles the modernisation point of view. How we try to give a hopeful future our young generations or how we lose our control on this. I haven't seen what is our modernisation level focus. Do we want to build up a new feudalism with an self-sufficiency? We want warlords and king or tribe chief? Seldom is the prime minister industrial mania could be a solution. The Treaty of Lisbon targets could be relevant for us? Is it possible to rise the information society and the knowledge based society job creation?

Nothing at all which communication level start to think about this questions. Who start to think, the EU level, the nation -state, the parties, the NGOs and the media and the science, the personality or local community level might be sensitive?

When I had published articles to a community blog which is issuing from the intercultural point of view the spectators definitely don't like this questions. No doubt there were a number of party activist and the usual collection of bored journalist and other courthouse regulars. As an ex NGO leader I still try to worm up the question: Who will dream a new Hungary a new Europe for us?

In Hungary also get this trend in the employment market, the agriculture or the industry giving job only the 20% of the adult population. Half of the people between 16-64 years are inactive. This challenge have been smiling to us in this 20 years at the back of our garden arrogantly.

In the Lisbon Strategy we had created a dream about the full employment, because we were able to make plans, we were strong, we could organise our self.

And still we standing with folded wings, turned toward the carrot. We waiting for the sound from the sky.

Ok guys, you can go home! This challenge is maybe for the future generations! We should live this!


Viktor will give you some bread and butter, Gabor will serve some onion for you if you like it, Attila will give you some tepid tea, and Andris try to create some music for you even if the tape is wrong. Just have a good party after that!


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