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I have been a community development social worker and NGO activist from 1988 until 2007 back in Hungary. I am using the democracy development single issue movement points of view to let people understand the current affairs. During the first 7 years I wrote nearly 1000 articles about employment, democracy development, agriculture NGO situation. After this election I decided I turn my blog to English.


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Hungarian Apartheid case study II.

2014.04.28. 14:00 :: Saman

In this election the right side party get the 60-70% of the votes a couple of weeks ago. Back to 7 years here in this blog I wrote so many article how the ethnical hate speech is growing year by year.

Our prime minister has built up an anti-Semitic picture about the liberal and the socialist party. And the part of this package they sticking the system creator fault in the national level and above. In their mythological fantasy the Hungarian problems grassroots in the country and our connections with the word economy /foreign companies in the owner level, or trade with other countries for example/ all is an unfair yid manipulation against us.

Of course I know that "philosophy" from the history, in 1939 we has joined the fascist countries but I thought in this ages we all know this is simply hate speech. When I met with this first time I was shocked. Not so far from Budapest I worked with an NGO and set down with the manager of the social services. He told me that "The yid had created that poverty around here, because they planted to make the country empty and they would settle here. Of course in that council was a FIDESZ majority.

I started to thinking about, this party feed the local communities with this penetrated rubbish. It was two new television channel, one under this party control and an other one founded by a famous millionaire. In this circle around the hate speech come out to the public maybe 6 years ago, and this media teams start to rules the public service televisions 4 years ago. The hate speech is fly to the mainstream that fast.


Last week the judge of Békéscsaba made a verdict about a paramilitary NGO, who try to scare the gypsy communities. They so many times parade in soldier dress witch is so close the fascist uniform.

In the arbitrament the judge said that:

The "gypsy" as a category was also a poverty or life stile not only an ethnic group. Irrespectively of the ethnic identifications, this group was separated from the majority, they did not obey the traditional values and they ignoring all the values protected by the law. They ignoring the work, the privately owned goods, they obey a different moral which wasn't accept how we can live together.

So here we are. The judge can speak like this. Culturally we doesn't even notice what we doing. With this justification the paramilitary activity is not against the law. By the way someone need to care of the poverty in the villages. Anyway.

All the country living in a wonder world. The Hungarians believe we don't need to use the EU funds to fight against the poverty. It is no problem if the courtside people have no jobs at all! No problem if even you have a job the salaries not enough to feed your family.

When the student movements start to fight against the government decision, in a public workshop they have a "visitor" who was also FIDESZ activist. He just simple threatened the forum facilitator when he said that He would cut his throat off. The forum facilitator was a skinny guy, so this "citizen mate" just start to bully him as a gay.

When the police have evaluated what is happened, they didn't find anything what has breach of the law.

I wrote an article to the "foreign Hungarians" community website, and I try to show how many police, judgment, and even local community or company HR practice have here to get defended the human rights. In the comments mostly the Hungarians don't want to comprehend what I do issuing on this.

In Hungary the authorities and the parties fighting for an emancipation. They don't want to see any human rights anywhere. And the mainstream support this!

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