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Well come in the Union of "Half-Asians"

2014.04.24. 15:02 :: Saman

Back in 1971 a Hungarian scientist Karoly Varga was invited to a big international cultural comparative research. That research try to find out "does the decision making have a cultural character or not".

He found some characteristic feature of the Hungarian decision making. We don't like to involve experts and affected people. Mostly this two participant is missing from the decision preparation process, that's why so many decision can not be accomplished. We used to make a decision two, and we start to discuss about the consequences in the middle of the fulfilment. Even it is a national change, we start the nationwide debate after when the decision has made.

Today I try to analyze a prospect of model change. Does Hungary live the European Union or joined to an other model? Let me looking for an answer gone around political, cultural, community perspective. I going to build up a distinction between a "welfare society" and the "predator" system. After some country's case studies and our prime minister words we can call it the Union of 'half Asians".

I going to use two different point of view. Once I will use a model which is making distinction between the welfare society and the "predator" system, and also I will show this in the practice. What could happened with a workers in this models. Basically I am chef not a sociologist, so let me show you some kitchen examples about this two approach. In my kitchen case studies u can feel this thing is not only a national law, it is also a community or company policy or even could part of a personal point of view.

The state of the workers is getting worst in the western world

I have been five years in London. The Londoners who living here long time ago they shared with me this opinion. 20 years ago it was easier to find a new job here and the salary has given better life for us. Probably after the change, when the ex communist countries joined back to the circulation of the word economy in the center countries must follow a strategy to set a low value of a manpower. Here in London we have a debate about the salaries. Some Union is came out with a recommendation we should use a different minimum wage or financial policy for the Londoners. The cost of living and the 1000 Pound salary which is available for the workers lots of cases is too close to each other. Probably this money is not enough to have a kid, take care of a family. The researches about the London's poverty is a scary picture.

The Unions idea of a separate London's minimum wage has rejected, but the next national minimum wage correction is going to be a bigger than usual.

A successful firs 10 years of the Hungarian catching up after the cange

 When the communist regime  was collapsed the UK average salary was 19 times bigger than the Hungarian. Now this distance is only 4 or 5. If the evaluation point of the developed society is how we can access to the top technology we would be arrived, but if the food or housing is an evaluation point we are growing further in this case. Today we are not consider to a welfare society, we getting further than 1990. The life quality is worth, mostly the poverty and the political and economical prospect is the Hungarian present and the future.

 The official Hungarian statistic /KSH/ and the government propaganda is loud about the growing commodity wages and the employment, but the true is, both point was destroyed. In the last 16 years we work on this hard to get it destroyed. This is a crash! The price of the Hungarian manpower has half price than 10 years ago, and the effective demand should be also half. How the trade situation changing in this case?

This is not only the mechanism for the exclusion and circumscription of competition, but this is the more serious one. Also there is a big sorrow when the state instead of the job creation always try to find a new and new ways how to blackball market participants. Our politicians are very creative how they can let the company owners outlaw in so many tricky way.

Does the Hungarian modernisation get "predator" in the last 16 years?

 When I built up the Hungarian Jobcreation Program we had raked the NGO services in this area. After this period I keep tubs on the mentor programs, community cooperatives, community centers, transit employment model, foundation schools, sector wide corporations - umbrella organisations, trade corporatives, EQUAL or LEADER programs. What I saw in this areas, the Hungarian politicians working on to kill everything. The NGO sector is under attack. A couple of weeks ago Mr Janos Lazar attacked the Norway Found, because they support the independent NGOs. This civil war in the institutional resource level making power to organisation to participate in the public speech. The government party have around 14.000 full time employee the biggest NGOs have 2 or 4. That is an interesting story what happened with a top 50 independent organisation in this ages when the country spend 1000 million Hungarian Forint yearly on the development. When I saw what is happening. I decided to live the country. After that I made media research keep this focus. How the Hungarian government destroying service sectors used by the EU money. I showed in this blog in 1000 article how we doing with the local communities, how we wield with the creative man power in the NGO sector. Looks like if we find a oasis in our Sahara desert, it is very important for us to poison the water and burn the tries. That is our government strategy. After that experience I keep on eye how this symptom is shows up in the economy area. That was a point when decided to run away from this country.

Lots of service sector was attacked in the business sector after this period. When the government changing a law around, the funeral services, the game machines, the cigarette trading, the lands renting /with the EU financial support/, or the till machines, or the natives own cooperative bank, all this case studies pure rubbery. The former owners of this sectors changing to the government party chives relatives. What has happened with the NGO service sectors that predator behaviour goes to the businesses.

Our aims are become to rubbery something. That's why we making new and new law without any kind of discuss. In our history we have a feudal anarchy ages, when the dukes just had gone around the neighbourhood to take whatever they want. A fifteen years old king III. Kun Laszlo beat down his power back to 1277. This age like this period of our history. Local warlords just going around the country to rubber the public and private goods. They are criminals, narrow minded, selfish and I don't understand why we follow them as a leader!

  And American sociologist group created a model about the retrogression of the welfare society. The economy system which had based on the high minimum wage and the high level of employment looks destroyed. They created a coordinate axes, which is making clear what was the welfare society model back to the New Deal ages, and what we doing now. originally they speak about the American and western European crisis, but in this article I don't want to analyze the UK or south European countries serious mistakes. In the UK restaurant I working together lots of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or Greek thirties forties people. What we done for the next generations? We don't find our future in our countries.


 So in this article I going to concentrate the Hungarian model change. Probably at the middle of the execution we should start a discussion about "where are we going?".Hopefully in a national level and European level we can talk about that. I will show some countries who are "really successful in the anti welfare society competition." Let's have a look for the masters of the "predator" societies. Let me show you where they are!

 As I remember a month ago I met a report about Armenia. One of my county mate was there and he said that he had been accommodated in a empty hotel. Only a party was there. The local owner / politician warlord was celebrating something with this friends. When he start to spoke with hotel staff, they explained him in this street nearly every shop is owned by this guy. In this country we couldn't do census anymore. Less than 3 million Armenian living here from 15 million. Instead of integrating the Armenians from aboard the young generations running away all over the world. This country has become a Sahara desert.

We do a community blog together who living far from Hungary. A lady who living in south Italy wrote it. When my friends told me, I haven't believe it. "You have no chance for a job here if you are not a family member." You can work for your uncle, maybe one or two job in the local authorities, but even the native young people have to go to north to find a job.

 As in our neighbour country economy, the Armenian system is heated by the emigrants transfer who support their family members. The reciprocity is stronger power then the care of the "national system". The salaries which is available in the welfare societies make some families life safe. This is an other way when the reciprocity is stronger than the market or the state redistribution.

In so many Eastern European case and Middle Asian country this societies haven't built up the welfare society system based on the high minimum wage and the high employment.

Some salaries in this area not able to give a chance for the people to get ready to work. Prep myself to ready to work.

Sometimes the countries using an exhaustive method against a minority. Some of the post soviet country haven't given citizenship for the Russians. This is a disbar of the pension system as well.

I met a recital about Moldova as well. The guy who visit this country he just say "if you going to there from a neighbour country Airport, you can get the prime ministers taxi company to bring you a hotel which is owned by the prime minister and for the breakfast you would got a brioche what had baked in the prime minister bakery.

The last independent Hungarian news the Hungarian Economist came out with a photo article. Our close relative Pastu tribe members working for 5 Pound per day salary in the capital of Afganistan. The UK minimum wage is 6.38 per hour. /The Pastu people closest relatives the Cheremis who is our close relatives, but unfortunately all our Turkish speaker tribes loose the language, so we can not speak./

All these country case studies showing the welfare society idea - witch is based on the high employment and high minimum wage- is not really current in all over the world.

The history of the welfare society

 Back to 1906 in Australia Mr Higgins judge made a verdict about the shearers salary. In his slant the salary must be enough for maintenance a family with two kids.  

At the beginning of the XX. century in USA and Europe it was a big fight about - do we need to systematically going against the dinamic of the negative deal in the companies. Does it help to use a national minimum wage? Including the first and second world war that system question made a lots of conflict in the modernisation.

Mr Henry Ford came out with this "madness" the "well paid worker" model, and spend a lot of time to promote this "idea". Basically he told that in conference "that would be great to sell the T model even for a workers" We should yield under pressure of worker unions, and we should pay higher salary for them. At the beginning of the XX. centuries it looks just a utopia.

After the second world war Mr Churchill said that -The poverty and the demagogy was goes together. The fascism and fair deal with the workers those are alternatives.

After the second world war the welfare society model and a communist models has also a competition. Today only North Corea belive the owners has no role in the economy. The rest of the word accept the owner control in the companies. Who else should control the growth?

A Hungarian sociologies Laszlo Laki said that "That kind of capitalism what you sew here, it is doesn't exist. That was like they used to scaring each other behind the iron curtain in the Marxist workshops.

In the western European and the North American and Australian societies build up a good economy system which can call welfare society model. Based on the high minimum wage and high employment. That was a hard job for this economy framework.

Lots of ex-communist country has a new ideologist group in the power, who feed the public speech with a nationalist picture. That model fighting against the foreign devil! They selling the idea in the political models competition for the people: "If I won't save you, the cannibal nations line up in the border to attacking you!"

Armenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and maybe a same amount of other country who destroyed the rule of law. Those are very good examples about Churchill theory. The fascism and the welfare society model two different way to build up the society framework.

All this countries have a mainstream mythological fantasy about the bogey man. The Armenian politicians living well when they remembering the people about the Azeri conflict, the Romanian nationalism set the Romanians against Hungarians, and the Hungarian nationalism giving a anti-Semite picture as an answer for everything. The worldwide jiddis  world conspiracy is try to kill us. Whit this cover, they can stole the land, the bank money, the off license shops, the funeral services, the textbook market, and whatever they want.

Pobably the Hungarians will not facing the fact! When we have done with this system changes, it is 100% shure, it was not set Yid manipulation against Hungarians because actually the anti-Semite government kill the former owners in this sectors and put their relatives to supplant the former owners.

It is all not a recommendation. That changes have done! The land has new owners. Maybe 4-5 family able to aggregate the 70% OF the EU CAP income. basically the EU CAP try to help people to stay in the village. Why we using this money for a serious elimination? Why we have a strong Ku Klux Klan mythology all over the countryside?

I cant imagine how this "philosophies" that popular all over the word after when the human invent the telly, the locomotive, the toot brash, and the table.

 What we can do if we want to deffend the welfare society?

 Here in UK the government thinking to do pay increases because of the crisis.

In my last workplace we was paid by shift. Approximately 9 times minimum wage was our shift fee. Sometimes the job has not done in 9 hours. Because the company never paid overtime in some case we worked under the national minimum wage. Also we haven't got our brakes so many times, and the sleeping time was 5-6 hours mostly between the shift, because of the overtime. From 13 chef 9 of us left the company and now we continue the fight against this HR practice.

In this January the Mr David Cameron came out with a pointer. He wanted to punish the company owners 20.000 Pound per head who paying employees under the minimum wage. My former company should worried about this.

In contrast Hungary destroyed the workers' rights. The National Council of  Reconciling Interest is doesn't work in this function. We have no national and local deal about the salary. The government and the news speak about grown commodity wages . 90 % of the society lost value, 10% win. However all together they call it win. And no one complaining!

The president of the green party ask some question about the Saud Arabian - Hungarian government delegation. He complained that why the government diplomats promote the country with the low salaries and the country without "worker rights" - picture.

As a British dependent I can stand up for my rights if it's necessary. Why the Hungarian system changes asking to the citizens to keep the "I am your dog! Effendi!" - position?

Does the welfare society model supported by the culture?

In the first restaurant in West Sussex my cousins visited me around the Mothers day. That was so busy, so they help us. My waiter cousin was bringing 8 or 12 plates back to the kitchen and the local waiters and waitresses was so surprised to see that. After the restaurant manager start to train the staff how is it works.

My cousin told me about his restaurant that, they had 4 waiter for this job. We have got 17 here. They do the two shift every day between April and November without any brake. In this kitchen we cooking a smaller menu with 7 chef than their kitchen 1 chef with the assistant.

They have half salary than here, but the prices same and we serve nearly same amount of costumers. Their boss came out with an idea to recruit someone but they said veto because they wouldn't want to divide the tips for an other person.

That is looks like a practical thinking. But the double paid and by the number doubled employed system is looks different. Compare the two organisations goals I be on defensive the UK organisation try to do something for the employee market integration. Looks like the Hungarian version into the basement working on the exclusion.

Even if a magic man stop our politicians on the madness of exclusion, the local communities and the companies will follow this change? And how about a personality?

The Hungarian welfare society died not only because of the terror of politicians. Not only their fault to fall down with standard of living under the communist rate. Not only because the national systems facing with our goals to this direction. The simple citizen and the simple organisation culture don't care about this! The employment or the salary is not a question at all level! We can not even talk about his! Culturally we turn our back on the modernisation.


Hungarians! If you going to go back to the steppe to find a new place to live! Just turn up and say goodby to me! I going to watch it in the Google earth.


This chart about the last four years commodity wages in decades. The top 10% win 4,1 %, the bottom 9 million Hungarian waste. The government and all Hungarian media call it accession.

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