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I have been a community development social worker and NGO activist from 1988 until 2007 back in Hungary. I am using the democracy development single issue movement points of view to let people understand the current affairs. During the first 7 years I wrote nearly 1000 articles about employment, democracy development, agriculture NGO situation. After this election I decided I turn my blog to English.


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2014.04.07. 21:32 :: Saman

Dear Readers,

Well come in the Hungarian participation democracy blog! 
Stay with me if you wanna read about the local community activities and the issues of the system pitching.

 I am using different point of views to help understanding what the problem is with the way of the public choose to consensus.

  •         Articulation of the interests in the local communities or sector wide levels.
  •         Institutional dysfunction of control organisations.
  •         Financial support of the employment or job creation.
  •         Psychological resistance of the feedback.
  •         Hate speech, civil war preparation and xenophobia.

I used to write down my opinion when the politicians transverse people to participate in the public speech.

I seek for any case studies to demonstrate how Hungarians interfere negotiations as well as how successful we are to put our internal conflicts on to the negotiation table and solve our problems by common agreement.

Also how the either supported or impede by the European or national law framework above the local community or economy activities work.

What is the historical foreground of our solutions, have our culture meet this kind of exclusion before? Why are Hungarians choose to block communication blocks instead of speak about our problems?

Back in my high school time I was involved with the student union activity. With the help of some organisation development trainers we start do develop the advocacy activity in the schools. Five times we organised a "Day of the direct questions" forum witch it was called "Igazlátó Nap". All together 450 school student unions used this forum technique to generate question and address matters to the right person.

At the back of  this student movements the law of the education changed. After, in  1985 the students rights were protected by the national law. As a chairman of the  National Student Union we fought for the same student rights when the law changed in 1992. As for  the local social planning actions,  we tried to adapt to more interesting forum techniques and support the local communities to think together.

Also using the American National Issues Forum method we launched many nationwide campaigns. The Participation Democracy Network at the time stood up with the "Housing of the youth" task in 1998 and with the "Job creation" issue in 2006. With the first campaign we had the backing of 20 local forum and more than 100 media representatives including radio and television covering interviews. On the second campaign our press coverage achieved just one short dispatch as something changed in our democracy between the two campaigns. At the time it seemed like the news were not willing to publish the independent civil movements activity anymore.

When we join to the European Union the two big political party were ready to destroy the independent movements all over the country, from than on it didn't matter which party were in power to use the party's agenda for every important financial decision instead of the evaluator experts reports.

Since then the political corruption at all levels has been escalating cancelling any independence that the media had before, the NGO sector, the justice system, police, public prosecutor.

I read Hungarian news on the internet daily hoping them to be independent from this parties as well as making comments on several of the articles. I sometimes I use my blog to try to analyse which levels (Govermental, institutional, personal) are changing the background of the our democracy.

Since then we have been and still are in much more serious trouble than before the change.

  1.  We have no independent president who is supposed to stop politicians committing crimes using the law against the public interest.
  2. Also the justice system has failed. The politicians able to skip bail and still at large.  
  3. All the nationwide councils stopped being consider to evaluate or participate in the decision making processes. 95% of the law changed without any kind of civil or professional advice.
  4. The media exposure of the community activities is mostly about outrage territorial aggression. The Hungarian public speech does not want to sit down to the negotiating table to speak about people's issues, they are more interested in showing one's teeth to each other.
  5. Yesterday's results in the election shows that the 60 - 70% of people voted to the two inordinate parties which clearly stated how the people really feel about these problems. My blog reflects the comparative cultural researches of our personality that will be analysed too. 

 So...Welcome!! to anyone interested in following me through this journey of our glorious country destruction by the current Hungarian politicians, community behavior & national identity!  Also if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to make a comment as I would also welcome the opportunity to "debate" any other points of views.


Szólj hozzá!

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